What is your design style?

Our homes should be a reflection of who we are…a collection of items we love.  Your home should demonstrate your style. As an interior designer, I’ve worked with a variety of styles from traditional to mid century modern.  Many times, upon our first meeting, my clients aren’t quite sure what their style might be – so how do I help them to determine that?

First, consider what type of room you gravitate toward.  Do you have Pinterest, Houzz or Instagram accounts? What images have you liked? Type “Living Room” into the search engine.  If you haven’t already, save a few images that interest you. If you aren’t on social media, what magazine photos do you identify with?  

Narrow your selections down to no more than 5 images.  Choose your favorites, but don’t overthink it. This is just to get an impression of your personal style, not to replicate an exact room.

Do you notice anything which those images have in common?  You will probably see a few design elements which are similar in each.  Are there bold colors or light neutrals? Do they have warm wood tones or a mix?  Are the rooms sleek with lots of clean lines or cozy with dark wood tones?

Here are a few popular styles which you may find emerging from your selections:


Traditional is the most popular of design styles.  Elements include a warm & inviting feel, a mix of patterns & textures and architectural details like crown molding.  Many traditional interiors demonstrate symmetry in furniture arrangement. Accessories abound – adding lots of visual interest.



Transitional style resonates with many people.  It is a blending of traditional and contemporary designs.  Transitional interiors include classic lines, a mix of wood tones, comfortable furnishings and more subdued patterns than seen in traditional interiors.



Contemporary design is based on the here and now.  It is a style which focuses on shape and usually features sleek metallics in furnishings and/or lighting.  Clean lines are prevalent. Bold art and smooth surfaces abound in contemporary, also.


Mid Century Modern

A design style which has been reemerging recently is mid century modern.  It is a reflection of the design style of the 1930’s – 1960’s. Retro accessories, interesting shapes in furniture and bits of minimalism abound.  Touches of organic and natural elements are seen many times in this style.


Modern Farmhouse

The “modern” take on farmhouse style has become popular in the past few years.  This look features neutral colors, matte black fixtures and natural wood tones. Painted furniture, architectural salvage pieces and antiques are also found in this look.

A famous quote from CoCo Chanel is: “An interior is the natural projection of the soul.”  Whatever the design style you prefer, it should be comfortable, inviting and pleasing to you…after all, it’s your reflection.  Narrowing down the design style you gravitate toward is the first step in the process of designing your home. Now it’s time to move forward with creating your very own personal space!

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