Why Should You Hire A Designer?

Beautifully designed interiors don’t just happen.  Great spaces are carefully planned – well thought out to be functional, inviting and unique to you.  A common misconception about hiring an interior designer is that it’s too expensive. The opposite is actually true.

Interior designers help their clients stay within a budget.  Interior designers can balance project expenses to insure that money is spent in the right places.  A talented designer can pull together the saves and splurges to create an overall cohesive look.

Interior designers help clients avoid costly mistakes.  Designers consider size and proportion. This helps you to not come home with a sofa that’s too large, an end table that’s too short or a rug that’s too small.  Experienced designers guide you to make the correct decisions and avoid design faux pas you’ll regret later.  

Interior designers have valuable contacts within the industry.  They have formed connections with trusted professionals such as painters, installers, contractors, etc.  Designers communicate with these industry professionals and follow the project to insure the job is completed correctly.  

Interior designers save you time.  They have experience researching for clients.  This means they know just where to find the perfect furniture, tile, countertops, fabrics and more.  Interior designers know what needs to be done on a project and can anticipate issues.  

Ultimately, interior designers know how to bring out the best of your home and increase it’s value.  Well-designed homes stand-out and get noticed. An experienced designer can create a beautiful and functional space which is a unique reflection of you.

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