What's Trending in Interior Design?

Each year new trends emerge in Interior Design; some of which reemerge from years gone by.  As a designer, it’s important to be aware of new introductions and what’s trending. I always like to remind my clients, though, to make sure the trends they may be interested in using are ones which they won’t tire of too quickly. Incorporating the right trends for your personal project is key. Here are some current trends in interior design.

Organic and natural are two hot terms in interior design now.  Stone tops are being used on accent tables and occasional furniture.  Worn woods are making an appearance in console tables, dining and more.  Rattan and sea grass have made a comeback in dining and bedroom.  Rattan, along with wicker and bamboo, are also showing up in lighting and accessories.  

Bold art is on trend.  Large pieces in bold colors are prevalent.  Contemporary looks are popular and are even being used in traditional settings for an eclectic look. The right mix of art pieces can make a dramatic statement.


Mixing furniture has been on trend for awhile and with each year, I am seeing it more and more. Furniture manufacturers are not creating as many matching groups of furniture (such as the end tables that match the cocktail table that matches the console.) Instead, the vendors are introducing eclectic groupings of furniture in various finishes. Individual pieces can be mixed as a great way to add visual interest to a room.  A cohesive blend can still be attained, but the overall look will be more unique.

Performance fabrics are everywhere.  These fabrics are great to use for upholstery because they are durable and stain resistant.  Upholstery companies are adding more performance fabrics to their line of choices.  Just a few years ago, fabrics which were considered to be durable and stain resistant were only available in a limited amount of colors and a few textures.  Now performance fabrics are in a wide range of colors with lots of textures and soft options. I try to specify performance fabrics on upholstered sofas whenever possible; giving my clients piece of mind when it comes to stains and soiling of the fabric.

The latest in what’s trending is a definite mix. Eclectic continues to be the word. The organic/natural look can be achieved through lighting, furniture or accessories. Bold art can add a fun pop of color. A unique blend of furniture pieces can complete the look. When you are considering trends, though, don’t forget to make sure you are incorporating the right trends for your style. 

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