It's All About the Details

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” This is a quote from Charles Eames, a designer who made a significant impact on furniture, architecture and industrial design. This is among my favorite statements in regards to design. You truly achieve the “completed look” in your home when close attention is paid to all the details.


As an interior designer, I love to incorporate unique and meaningful touches to my client’s homes and/or businesses. I was able to add one such fun detail to a local digital marketing agency. The business is in an old stove manufacturing building with lots of interesting character, such as exposed brick. As I was working on the project, I was scouring an antique store for accessories when I found an old stamp used when the Indiana Stove Works was in business. The stamp included an image of the building, the very same building where Redstitch is located now – 95 years later. I was so happy to bring the stamp back to it’s “home” as a fun accessory/statement piece.

Certain projects are built around details. One client’s main request at our first meeting was to have a “fabulous” new kitchen. She expressed her love of the beautiful Delftware she had collected. The blue and white pieces became the basis for the new kitchen design. A gorgeous blue, Sherwin Williams’s Naval (2020’s Color of the Year), was selected for the wall color. A lovely floral print with various shades of blue and green was fashioned into window treatments.

Another detail of this kitchen project is the repetition of pattern. The fabric which I found for the counter stools had an almost lattice-like feel to it which played well off the floral window treatments. I then was able to specify the glass cabinet door mullions to echo the pattern of the counter stool fabric. This cabinet became the perfect place to put the cherished Delftware on display. All these elements came together to make a truly “fabulous” kitchen.

Some details are simply finding the fabric to unify a room. This craftsman style living room includes a Soumak rug with a warm mix of colors. The throw pillows were made in just the right fabric to incorporate the color tones and style from the rug. This helps tie the upholstery to the rug for a unified look.

Details, no matter how small, can help to pull together a design. Some may look at a finished room and not initially pick up on all the elements which have been carefully planned to work together. The overall impression, though, is of a well-designed room that flows together…something only achieved through attention to the details.

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