Kitchen Storage Solutions

Planning your new kitchen is an exciting process.  It can also be stressful and time consuming.  Many elements go into creating a functional space.  In a previous blog post, I discussed kitchen countertop selection.  Another important element of kitchen design is organization.

You should consider how you use your kitchen and choose storage accordingly.  Many accessories and built in storage options can help make your kitchen the most functional for you.  Here are a few options to consider:

A divided drawer with angles to provide storage for long tools, like rolling pins.
Pull out storage, perfect in a beverage center for mugs, carafes, etc.
Pull out pantry shelves for easy access and organization.
Canisters behind a pull out door provide easy access to cooking utensils.
Love to use your mixer but dislike getting it out of the cabinet? You'll appreciate this storage shelf designed specifically for stand mixers. A hinge lifts and lowers the shelf.
Divided cabinet drawers for baking sheets and cutting boards. Also shown is a pull out shelf which efficiently stores baking dishes.
Conveniently store electric appliances such as toasters, waffle makers, etc. on roll out shelving.
Easy access storage for spices.
Various options to suit your needs.

Large drawers for storage of plates and bowls or pots and pans.

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