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What Kitchen Countertop Is Right For You?

What type kitchen countertop is right for you?  This can be a difficult decision for many.  Quartz, Granite, Solid Surface, Laminate, Marble???  Your countertop is a big investment; be sure you make the best selection for your kitchen and cooking style.



$10 – $40 sq. ft.

A nonporous acrylic which comes in a variety of colors and looks is laminate.  Wilsonart and Formica are common brands of laminate.  It is a more budget conscious option for kitchens.  Laminate is tougher due to new technology, but can still scratch and crack.  It can also scorch, so hot pans cannot be set directly on it.  Over time, it may chip.  

Solid Surface

$30 – $100 sq. ft.

Solid surface, such as Corian, is a mixture of natural materials (like stone) and an acrylic bonding agent.  It is a durable and resistant to most household cleaning supplies.  Solid surface is nonporous with no sealers required.  It can be molded into seamless sinks or backsplashes.  Solid surface resists staining but it can scratch or burn.  It is not considered to be a “green product” due to the intense energy used to produce it as well as the difficulty to recycle.


$40 – $100 sq. ft. 

Quartz is an engineered stone; 93% quartz and other minerals shaped into slabs and bonded with resins.  It is an excellent choice for the less-fuss cook.  Quartz is stain and bacteria resistant; non porous.  It doesn’t require sealing.  Quartz can mimic the look of marble.  Quartz has double the impact resistance of natural stone.  It is a bit sensitive to heat so hot cookware shouldn’t be placed directly on it.  Slabs are uniform with no imperfections.  Quartz adds value to a home.


$50 – $120 sq. ft.

Quartzite is a heat and scratch resistant natural stone.  It can mimic the look of marble or onyx, but has the hardness of granite.  It is actually harder than granite and some types are non-porous.  Quartzite adds value to your home.  Quartzite is formed in the ground under heat and pressure; a metamorphic rock.  It is a very durable and withstands heat well.


$50 – $100 sq. ft.

Marble is a beautiful natural stone.  It is one of the softer stones, which makes it less durable.  Marble is a composite of many minerals such as calcite, graphite and more.  It is prone to scratching and stains easily unless properly sealed.  Marble is waterproof and heatproof.  No two pieces are the same, so each is entirely unique.  Marble is high priced, so many times it is used as an island or baking area countertop with another surface used for the remainder.


$40 – $100 sq. ft.

Granite is one of the hardest natural stones.  It adds value to a home and is sought after by many home buyers.  It is incredibly durable and great for kitchens which get a lot of use but still want a beautiful countertop.  It is scratch and heat resistant but does require regular sealing.  This helps it to maintain its longevity.  Since granite is a natural stone, it can be unpredictable in appearance and may not look exactly like the sample.  

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